Algo Poetry-Behind the Lines

The Price of Re-Entry

“Orbiting the Everything”-this phrase jumped into my head one day and would jump start what became “Solo in Earth Minor”.

Whilst yesterday’s piece on Behind the Lines dealt with Outer Space, this one deals with inner space and a tricky re-entry-into “normal” life.

For a long long time, I did indeed orbit the everything. Before the concept of remote -anything, induced by the pandemic, I had removed myself from everyday existence. “Floating in circles” through a largely self imposed self-isolation , following what I realised , in retrospect, was a life shaped event.

Today’s work imagines “meeting myself again” and re-entering the world of real life.

The questions became endless and I shortened them to the sixth and seven line which ask what “will burn me” or what “stranger will be gravity?”. Can I get back into the messy business of being a productive and sociable human being?

“Falling back down was the fall back plan”-I never expected that I would have had to think that way- and pondered, perhaps from a negative outlook, about how my own personal future might look.

Here I wrestled with myself to give it a go (Spoiler-I am glad I did) and wrote a positive future that I hoped involve landing in a “blaze of glory and leaving a trail”

The last line became full of puns. The “wake” left by a vessel and perhaps a wake in the sense of mourning the empty existence that I had chosen for a prolonged period.

I also couldn’t help linking the possibility that too quick a re-entry may mean that “instruments fail” and using the other meaning of instruments to insert a “concerto”.


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